Joto Japanese Steakhouse Brandon FLJo-To translated, means “excellent; the best, very high class.” It is, we believe that if we treat you as The Best, you will return, again and again. We are honored to serve you and wish you good health. Our Sushi Bar has excellent Sushi offerings that are created by well trained Sushi chefs. We have a full Sushi menu and we always keep fresh and high quality ingredients. JOTO’s is on of the original sushi bars in the Sarasota/Bradenton area.

Our tabletop cooking is an amazing show presented by masters at your tableside.  The most sought-after Sushi and Sashimi are available, fresh, every day, for as many as there are in your party.  For those whose tastes are simpler, we serve popular Tempura, Teriyaki, Sukiyaki, and Negimaki.  We also serve all kinds of appetizers like Gyoza, Sesame Chicken, Seafood Eggroll, Yakitori, Edamame, and more.

Our wish is to present you with the true, authentic flavor of Japan, honoring one of the world’s oldest  cultures and food presentation.  Our décor leads you into a wonderful environment; tranquil, minimal and peaceful, and incorporating natural elements such as stone and wood. The traditional Japanese home is designed to welcome guests. At Jo-To, this is part of the experience, all elements working together to provide delicious food and drinks, and a high quality atmosphere of tranquility during your dining experience.  We are open Monday-Thursday, 5-9:30, Friday and Saturday 5-10 and Sunday 4:30-9. Reservations accepted!

Check out our daily specials, happy hours and holiday events.  The staff at JO-TO’S are welcoming and informative about our menu and accommodations. We invite you to come and enjoy all that JO-TO has to offer.  Welcome to Jo-To Japanese Steakhouse!